Funds Security

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We devote more time and effort to protecting your fund.

Fund Security

At JGCFX we are extremely serious about fund security. We believe in taking a step further in maintaining the highest levels of trader fund security. Our active investment teams work tirelessly to enhance security to ensure the protection of funds.

JGCFX makes use of separate accounts to protect trader funds, as guided by international regulation standards. This way of fund protection ensures that your funds are safe and untouched. Bank on our expert team and make the perfect choice to get maximized return on your investment.

Fund Segregation

We don't use any of your money for either our own use or any other investment, ensuring your fund protection at all times. Your funds are entirely segregated and separated from the operational funds on the platform.

Appropriate fund segregation guarantees traders that their funds will not be at risk, in the unlikely events or changes occurring in the global market. JGCFX ensures absolute fund segregation dedicated to traders to separate trader funds from the platform's operating funds. In order to decrease potential risks, your funds are kept in a variety of banks.

Advanced Risk Control

Advanced risk management in place can help identify, evaluate, and mitigate risks of losses in an investment. Certain risks of loss might arise when the market moves in the opposite direction of our expectations. At JGCFX, we help you identify the trading risks that one needs to know the different variables at play in the market.

Using these modern technologies, the traders on our platform have the opportunity to control their risks and limit their losses, if, in case. The risk management technology incorporated on JGCFX trading platform ensures that traders will not risk more funds than originally invested.

KYC Compliance

JGCFXapproves the proper scanning of your personal ID and verifies your account by presenting proof of address or KYC details. This simple but important measure ensures that all your transactions remain authorized and secure on the platform.

Failing to comply with the KYC mandates can spell legal trouble for your brokerage and affect your trades on the platform. We strictly follow KYC regulations and comply with the requirements. It is a legal requirement for forex platforms to verify customer identities.

Quick Withdrawals

JGCFX aims to offer quick withdrawals along with different forms of payment systems to choose from. Quick withdrawals on the platform allow you to withdraw funds at any time on any day, including weekends and public holidays.

Withdrawals on JGCFX can be made any day, any time giving you round-the-clock access to your funds. Request a withdrawal in a few clicks, and within just 1 working day we make sure we process your payouts. It's simple and easy to manage your account with us.

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